Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interesting Roscoe Village renovation left for dead

This wide lot Roscoe Village renovation at 3318 N Bell has been stalled for over three years.
One of the potentially cooler Roscoe Village to-flat conversions to a single family home at 3318 N Bell sits stalled. This higher-end neighborhood has been attracting affluent buyers, including professional athletes, for a decade now. Audubon Elementary is a National Blue Ribbon Award Winner and the restaurant/ retail scene on Roscoe Street is fantastic. It's nothing new to see a two-flat converted to a single family home...or for a house to be torn down for new construction. About 50 single family homes have sold in Roscoe Village over the past 12 months with a median price of $870,000.

However, the bold addition of this arch and living space over a side drive makes this property unique. And...that it's an eyesore testament to busted developments-although rare in this neighborhood.
Take a look at a Google Maps  shot I found of the original structure below!


All photos and analysis Eric Rojas, Broker and Realtor.

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