Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Buying Tips: What's the catch?

Showing buyers "the catch".  Photo Eric Rojas
We have to do a little education now and then with our first time home buyers in the area.  The above home was located on an over-sized 27x130 lot at 2121 W Sunnyside...a prime Lincoln Square location.  Our clients wanted to see the house and wondered why it was priced at $424,900 (the pictures looked decent!).  It was well within their budget too.

Then I showed them the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" staircase. Not to mention the 45 degree pitch in the living room floor. The home was a foreclosure and in need of some structural work.  It still sold last month for $407,500...most likely to a professional who will bring the house back to market or an experienced home buyer less queasy about the work needed (and the cash to do it).

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