Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Update: The sun never sets on Ritz Carlton, Mag Mile

The Ritz Carlton building in the foreground soaks up the sun, shapes Michigan Avenue. Photo, Bob DePalma

Bob hit the Mag Mile on a glorious, sunny and warm March 6th yesterday to peruse some of the top shops. The Ritz Carlton luxury new construction building seemed to jump right out of the shadows of North Michigan Avenue and into the sun. The luxury hotelier also offers private residences for purchase.

All MLS listings for the building are at the 118 East Erie address. Our MLS shows 7 ACTIVE units for sale ranging from $1.5 million to just over $5 million and 24 PENDING units ranging from $1.2 million to about $3 million.  All PENDING units shown have contract dates of 8-8-2006 (with the exception of one at 8-8-2007, probably a typo).  There are no active listings at the previously marketed and better name brand address of 664 N Michigan Avenue...all the listings with this address have been expired for some time.


Joe Zekas said...

Very odd. Michigan Ave is 150 E - 188 E Erie would be a block east of Michigan Ave, which is how Google Maps surfaces it.

Eric Rojas said...

Yes yes, I fixed it. 118 E Erie.