Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Home buying tips: Camera inspection for the sewer

Smile, you're on camera! A buyer client recently had the sewer main checked out before completing his inspection period on a house purchase.  Many of our clients elect to have the sewer inspected at their cost (I did too) when buying a house. A camera inspection can be $150-$200.  If roots or other issues are found, the seller's may elect to fix the issue depending on the over-all deal.

In this case, I arranged the plumbers and met them at the subject house. The crew works the camera down the line and the seller had them rod the sewer line on the spot. They basically split the $250.00 cost.  Homeowners and condo associations who'd like a dry basement should have basic sewer maintenance once a year.
The guys did a great job and our client felt confident moving ahead.

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