Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Land Ho! Build a house on Lake Shore Drive in East Lakeview

Vacant lots for sale at the 3000 block of North Lake Shore Drive (photo Eric Rojas)
 One of the more interesting vacant land offerings in our MLS is parked right in front of East Lakeview's Lincoln Park (the actual park, not the neighborhood). Koenig and Strey has the listing for the advertised 9 "single family home" building lots at the 3000 block of North Lake Shore Drive between Barry and Wellington.  The MLS shows 3 closed lots (two closed in 2007 and one closed this past May 2012) and 3 active listings ranging from about $1.7 million to $2.3 million.

Google maps image of the lakefront vacant land in front of Lincoln Park

It's tough to beat the lakefront lifestyle! (photo Eric Rojas)
The pedestrian underpass to the lake at Lincoln Park (photo Eric Rojas)

Miles of lakefront and inner lake shore paths (photo Eric Rojas)
The 3000 block of Lake Shore Drive also features one of the many play-lots along the inner lake parks.
The large Arthur Telcser playground (photo Eric Rojas)
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All data researched on-site and from MREDLLC.com by Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker.  These are not Kale Realty listings.