Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New Ravenswood house construction next to The French International School

We noticed this intriguing brand new construction at the southeast corner of North Winchester and West Sunnyside several weeks ago.  We've been pointing out a lot of tear-down and infill new single family home construction in and around the Ravenswood area of Lincoln Square this year.
The existing apartment building on the northwest corner of Winchester and Sunnyside.  The shuttered hospital shown in the background. Photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker

The location is intriguing due to the old Ravenswood Hospital redevelopment across the street.  Once a drag on real estate, the old hospital will be torn down to make way for the gorgeous new Lycée Francais de Chicago.

Schools are not always the best neighbor for real estate prices due to traffic and sometimes unruly kids.  However, a $15,000 a year private school with semi-public outstanding facilities beats an old, abandoned and vandalized behemoth every time!

We have not looked into the owner of the lot, but they are either going to enjoy a nice new house and neighbor or they are betting on the higher prices of new homes due to the high-end development.

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