Thursday, November 29, 2012

Video! Recess at Ravenswood's Chappell School and CPS

Medill News from Northwestern University featured Chappell Elementary School for their story on the new required recess at Chicago Public Schools. Chappell School is located in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Lincoln Square.  Our Kindergarten son loves the recess and comes home talking about new games he has learned.  Our PRE-K daughter can't wait to move-up!
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WATCH the Medill News VIDEO HERE

What's really cool about the recess program with Playworks is many higher grade students help as "leaders".  Older kids around the school (and neighborhood) are always saying hello, waving to our son because they interact with him as leaders. It's neat to see the kids supportive and welcoming across the grade levels!  The recess, lunch-time and other activity student-helpers at Chappell foster this excellent atmosphere.

There are many great school choices in Chicago neighborhoods.  You my be surprised at the facilities and rigor at many CPS neighborhood schools.