Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Photos: A morning in East Lincoln Park, Old Town Triangle

We had some business around North Lincoln and West Wisconsin's a few quick shots on my walk around the neighborhood before an appointment.  This very special Chicago location maintains original brick and frame cottages, small grey stone and brown stone multi-units and cobblestone streets tucked away near the lakefront.
There was a very Mayberry-esque atmosphere on this chilly election day morning. The local polling place on W Menomonee and North Park is at the left of the photo.  People were milling around and chatting on several blocks.

Cobblestone and white picket fence!
Small cottages and apartment buildings line up tight on the sidewalk and close to the streets with no yard setbacks.  This creates a very different aesthetic to typical Chicago blocks just west.

Historic row homes above line North Lincoln Avenue on both sides near North Wells Street. The Green City Market, fantastic South Pond Nature Boardwalk and and the lake are just steps from this location.

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