Monday, January 28, 2013

Lakeview, Lincoln Park location boasts new Walmart, Walgreens

We've written about the Trader Joe's and other successful retail activity at the corner(s) of Diversey, Clark and Broadway where Lakeview meets Lincoln Park.

This retail mecca now has a somewhat controversial Walmart store on Broadway just north of Diversey.

Bob took this shot today of the new two story Walgreens store construction at the old Borders bookstore location.  In just the past few years this immediate location has a new Trader Joe's, a new Urban Outfitter's, new Ann Taylor Loft, the Walmart store and a new Domicile Furniture on Clark alongside many existing retailers and restaurants. 

Homeowners and renters in this bustling location are benefiting from the fairly massive investment in new and refurbished retail space.  I know our clients love the amenities and resources, old and new, at Diversey, Clark and Broadway.