Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New, new, new construction in Lakeview

A noteworthy new construction house nears completion at 1445 W Addison.  The original brick two-flat built circa 1890 was torn down.  The new house facade mimics the original building (although far less ornate). Photo Eric Rojas

 The residential building activity in the last year has been pretty amazing (at least to me).  I took a few shots of new construction homes and condos along West Addison Street in Lakeview during my buyer showings Saturday.  Well be posting several of those photos this week.  Most interesting to me was this new construction house pictured above.

The original building sitting on the 62'x134' lot was purchased in 2011 for $1,325,000.  It's a bold, expensive new home for a busy Addison Street address. Cub's game and Wrigley concert traffic is substantial. However, the Southport Corridor location can easily be considered a Top 10 desired location to live in the city.  There are many substantial homes nearby...few if any on a 62' foot wide lot.

1445 W Addison front (Eric Rojas)

Another beautiful home sits adjacent to the west.