Thursday, February 21, 2013

For rent? on renting, tenants rights (a video service vendor of ours) does great writing on the apartment rental business and legal real estate practices in general.  A recent topic deals with when or not a landlord can show a rented apartment that has tenants living in it.

Make sure your rental manager or leasing agent is professional, licensed and "by the book" (photo Eric Rojas)

The topics range from tenants rights to illegal business practices by leasing brokerages and non-licensed "brokers".  I have both dealt with - and heard first hand of - shady rental dealings and advertisements.  Just look at Craigslist today for maddening results.

Bob and I are Illinois licensed Real Estate Brokers and members of our local MLS ( and various Realtor associations (CAR, IAR, NAR).  We personally deal mostly with MLS listed rental properties when representing our own rental listings or if representing a client looking to lease a property.  We use updated Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (CRLTO), proper disclosures and best practices as prescribed by the City of Chicago and our state regulated professional standards.

If we show a rental unit not listed on the MLS it must be by a legitimate and professional property leasing representative that equally follows CRLTO and best practices.  We don't typically deal with a private owner direct when representing a rental client. We feel our professional standards will result in the best outcomes for owners and prospective tenants alike.