Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photos! Lincoln Square double-lot home on "unique" North Seeley taking shape

A new double-lot custom home nears completion on unique 4500 block of North Seeley (Photo Eric Rojas)
We had written about the double-lot sale and new construction development on this block of North Seeley in the past.   I swung by last week after some house showings in the area for an update photo (above/ below). Lookin' good.

The rear construction of the house goes back deep into the 173 foot long lot.  This is probably one of the Top 10 largest residential lots in the Lincoln Square Community Area west of Western Avenue at 50' x 173'. It's fairly secluded on one-way North Seeley and adjacent to both another luxury new build to the north and an existing modest two-flat to the south.