Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Epic Blocks! Sold on West Bradley Place in North Center, Chicago

There are primo blocks in every Chicago Community Area.  They reach legendary proportions for any number of reasons... great school district, amazing landscaping, beautiful homes and real estate agent hyperbole (!).

We show and sell a lot of properties in North Center.  The 2000 and 2100 blocks of West Bradley Place in North Center (between North Damen Avenue and North Leavitt Avenue) has reached epic proportions for their reputations.  They are highly sought after blocks for all the reasons mentioned above a more. Homes priced anywhere within reason of the marketplace sell immediately.

We showed two single family houses on the 2000 and 2100 blocks last Saturday...both new for-sale listings just before the weekend.  2129 W Bradley was listed at $619,000.  The house is totally cool "as is" in my opinion.  A "smaller" two bedrooms house with nice main floor, partially dug-down finished basement area and really great family room addition. It's not big... but the asking price reflects that.  Our clients would add on to the house.

It's truly a move-in ready house with great curb appeal and attractive yard.  It's under contract and my guess is it will sell for closer to $650,000...well over list price.  I'd love to see someone just get it "as-is" and be able to live on a great block.  My guess is that even at $650,000, a developer may have made the best offer and will tear-down or rehab the house.  Expect a re-sell price of  $1.2M to $1.7M depending on new or rehabbed.

 The other home is a gorgeous fully renovated house at 2153 W Bradley Place.  The house was listed at $1,059,000 and quickly under contract after multiple offers. The home will most likely sell for over the list price.  Our clients were very interested in both options to get on the blocks.  But the reality is single family homes on these these blocks - and North Center in general - are very desirable and tough to get.