Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Curious construction BOOM on West Farragut in Bowmanville

This standard lot home is being built at the corner of West Farragut and North Leavitt. The previous property sold for $250,000 cash and was quickly torn down (photo Eric Rojas)
2221 W Farragut was purchased this year for $250,000 cash and quickly torn down as well for a single family home development (photo Eric Rojas).
Two blocks of West Farragut Avenue in usually measured Bowmanville have gone willy-nilly with new construction.  The 2200 to 2400 blocks of Farragut have seen quite of action including re-sales and developments in the last year.

This exciting double-lot home above is a custom build by a current Bowmanville resident (photo, Eric Rojas).  The two separate lots sold for a total of $385,000.

This vacant lot at 2230 W Farragut was sold by the owners of the adjacent house for $190,000 last year.

It is rare to see so many new house being built at one time on a two block stretch. Bowmanville is very established and is not prone to quick turnover.  However, West Farragut has had far more sales and development than any other street in the neighborhood in the past year or so.  The sales are reflective of the current market demand for new construction homes and quality re-sale houses on the North Side.
There are a few gut rehabs in progress on adjacent blocks as well.  It's a big year for Bowmanville.
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