Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buying a South Loop town house near Cotton Tail Park

We recently viewed this town house with buyer clients on the 1200 block of South Federal in the South Loop school district (photo Bob DePalma)

There are several leafy town home communities in the very urban South Loop.  The community atmosphere on an early summer night can rival the more traditional single family home enclaves around the city.  Neighbors and families of all sorts can conveniently commiserate in the tree-lined courtyards and parks of the planned developments.

Several town house communities surround Cotton Tail Park.  The park is bonkers with families in the late afternoon and weekend mornings (photo Eric Rojas).
Cotton Tail Park entrance at the 1400 block of South Plymouth (photo Bob DePalma)

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Google map image of Dearborn Park town house communities located between Clark and State Streets
The most common town homes have two bedrooms, 2 baths, a small family room and a garage.  Sales prices average in the low to mid $400,000 range.  True three bedroom town homes are sought after and can sell for much higher.