Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Quick STATS: Lakeview condo sales fierce, UP 33%

A "good" condo is a subjective thing.  But one thing we do well is know when a listed condo will sell quickly.  How?  As a wise person once said, "It is what it is".  This does not mean it's THE condo for YOU, it just means we have a good sense in a given market what will sell and at what price.

We saw this two beds, two baths Lakeview condo with garage parking last weekend.  $349,000 asking with this roof top cabana to boot.
And the good condo market is wicked fierce in our most active markets of Lincoln Square, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, North Center and South Loop.
Here's a look at Lakeview's condo sales for the first half of 2013.

From January 1st to May 31st of 2013 of this year 688 Lakeview condo units have sold.  That's up 33% from the 514 that sold same period in 2012...a good year in its own right.  216 condos closed in May 2013 alone.

What sold?  Here's a breakdown including attached townhouse units.
129 one bedroom condos sold with a median price of $155,000 (most in the lower half of pricing  reside in dated high rise and mid-rise buildings near the lake)

325 two bedroom condos sold with median price of about $335,000.  Two bedroom condos can vary greatly with one, two or two and one-half baths.  They also vary greatly in parking availability and outdoor space.

179 three bedroom condos sold with a median price of about $475,000.  Of course, styles and features vary greatly.

Only 29 Lakeview condos with at least 4 or more bedrooms sold with a median price of $651,000.  We sold one of them at 416 W Briar Place.