Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Lincoln Park's big blue windmill down, but not out

Bob took this update photo last week. The Chevron sculpture by artist John Henry is conspicuously missing. However, reports are it will be back after some modification to the property.

The John Henry statue in sunnier times (photo Bob DePalma)

We've been supportive of the infamous Lincoln Park art installation at Burling and Armitage.  The once dilapidated corner on a not-so gorgeous stretch of Armitage has been brought to life with much private investment.  In general, we love the many public and semi-private art pieces that dot the city.

DNAinfo Lincoln Park had a good story in June on the controversy.

As politically controversial as this statement may be... we are for art!  In all seriousness, I just can't see this as a nuisance worth a legal fight that takes up city resources.  The corner lot position of the piece does not affect other properties along the block (for example, it doesn't appear to block a view or cast a permanent shadow on an adjacent house). 

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