Monday, July 29, 2013

Spotted in Lincoln Park: Garfield Avenue?

One of my favorite spots in Chicago is the area of West Dickens Drive and North Lincoln Park West in Lincoln Park.  Just to the east is the Lincoln Park Zoo and the miles of amazing lakefront paths and parks. The surrounding area is loaded with gorgeous architecture and desirable real estate.

I noticed for the first time the building on the northeast corner of West Dickens and North Lincoln Park West had the engraving "Grafield Avenue".  I poked around online and basically found a couple unofficial sites that say the street name was changed in 1940 from Garfield (after President James A. Garfield) to Dickens.  I suppose you have to be a better president to keep your street name.

The corner is also home to R.J. Grunts and a Starbucks at the corner of Dickens and North Clark Street.  Both come in real handy after running around the lakefront with the kids.

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Unknown said...

Lincoln Park, especially west dickens drive and north lincoln park west is my favorite real estate in Chicago. Being right next to the zoo is fantastic. Btw, nice video of the rooftop at the top of the page.