Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Free kids fun: Sculpture, spelunking and giraffe calling in Lincoln Park

Tree climbing on "Steelroots" by Steve Tobin near the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum at Fullerton and Stockton.  (photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)
Me and the three kids drove the 15 minutes from Lincoln Square to the Zoo and Nature Museum area of Lincoln Park.  We parked on Stockton Drive after a few trips around the block (no meters) and spent an easy going (free) few hours exploring the parks (except for the $4.00 popcorn at the zoo).  Here's a few scenes from last Thursday morning.

Giraffe calling!

Spelunking!  Well, more like rock climbing in the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

The Lily Pool paths provide plenty of challenges and adventures.
We walked the grounds at the Lincoln park Conservatory... what a backdrop! (Photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)

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