Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big house! Substantial luxury new construction rises in Ravenswood

The home features a large central courtyard fronting Montrose. The actual structure takes up quite a bit of the 92' wide x 165' deep lot. (All photos Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)
 We wrote about the large vacant lot that was sold for $1,465,000 at the corner of West Montrose and North Hermitage in the Ravneswood neighborhood.  The new impressive house structure is now framed out and taking shape.

The "west wing" of the home facing Hermitage (Photos Eric Rojas)
The home is the newest addition to several double and triple lot new construction properties in close proximity over the past few year.

We wish the owners a smooth construction process and we are excited to see such grand investment on a booming stretch of Montrose.

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Eric, thanks for posting this. I have been wondering what this is!