Monday, September 09, 2013

Alderman O'Connor throws first pitch at new Winnemac Park baseball

It's a strike!  Alderman O'Connor brings the heat at the first weekend of Welles Park Parent Association baseball at Winnemac Park.  WPPA members and baseball leaders Lonny Essex, Jim Coffman and Stephen Reynolds also on the mound (All photos by Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)

I had the pleasure to stop by and watch the first pitch ceremony at the inaugural season of fall baseball at Winnemac Park.  Welles Park Parent Association (WPPA) member Steven Reynolds brought together Welles Park Baseball, Amundsen High School, the 40th Ward Alderman's office and the Chicago Park District to meet the demand for youth baseball at Winnemac Park.  Over 350 kids signed up quickly!
The teams line up for the first pitch!

From left: Fall ball commissioner Lonny Essex, WPPA member and neighbor Stephen Reynolds and 40th Ward Alderman O'Connor discuss the new baseball league.

Families gathered around three diamonds of baseball action.  The new baseball league is a source of revenue, great for exposure to the park, displays quality of life in the neighborhood and is good for local business.

Please contact the Welles Park Parent Association for more information on their baseball leagues and other local activities.

Winnemac Park is a large, beautiful park with unique prairie paths.  Neighbors are working together to bring more youth programs to the park to meet the local demand of park users. See more of my posts from around Winnemac Park!

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