Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lawrence Avenue "Road Diet" and Streetscape project making big progress

The new medians are in along most of Lawrence Avenue from Damen to Western.
I took one of my long walks around the Ravenswood and Lincoln Square neighborhoods with Stanley yesterday (at 17 months, he's still at a good "nap in the stroller" age). I'm pretty impressed with the progress on the Lawrence Avenue Streetscape project.  Many of the medians, "bump-outs" and planter boxes for trees are in place.

Our family uses both the North Oakley and North Leavitt intersections at Lawrence a ton.  I can already get a sense of what the finished street will offer.

North Leavitt and West Lawrence intersection in the Lincoln Square, Ravenswood neighborhood.

"Streetscap'in".  Beautification elements added to the wider sidewalks at North Leavitt and West Lawrence.

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