Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Consulting "Mr. Joe" on Lincoln Square rental renovations

Take down that wall!
We recently consulted one of our long time clients ("Mr. Joe") who is renovating Lincoln Square vintage units in his buildings to fit modern expectations. We know what renters and buyers want for their money... open it up! 

Many Chicagoans are familiar with these smaller separate kitchens and pantry spaces in their vintage rental units.  Our long time landlord client is gutting each unit as tenants move out.  Mr. Joe's Lincoln Square and North Center tenants stay for an average of 10 years!

Solid doors and original brass hardware stay.

As professional real estate brokers we make relationships that last a lifetime and benefit our clients.  Our landlord client is also a home remodel company and refers us his tradesman. He also works and consults for our clients on a regular basis on their repairs and home renovations.  It's good to have skilled partners that have seen it all and can bail us out!
Remember, our hard earned partners are your partners when we represent your sale, purchase and rentals. We continue advising while you live in your home too.  Just ask!

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