Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Photos! Construction activity at Elm and State Street on new Gold Coast luxury building

A new modern 25 story condo building is going up at historic State and Elm.  Reports suggest there will be only two large luxury units per floor.
Chicago Architecture Blog reported in January the approval of the new Gold Coast high-rise.  Bob took a couple photos after some Old Town and Gold Coast condo showings last weekend.  BTW, we did get into a multiple offer situation and lost, but that's another story.

The sign looks to be marketing the building as 4 East Elm (you can kind of make out the "4" in this photo)
An initial story concerning the new tower appeared on Curbed Chicago in July of last year.

A vintage courtyard building was demolished for the project.  The building can be viewed at the Curbed link above... warning, it may make you sad that it's gone.

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