Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Which Gold Coast view would you choose?

Big city view from a terrace at 71 East Division (ALL photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty).  The location is a quiet block by the lake just far enough from mostly bustling State and Division.

I spent Saturday afternoon in the Gold Coast showing condos. Our buyer client is moving here to start a residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is looking for a great location for his busy lifestyle. We've narrowed the choice to about a half-dozen places, each with their own unique view (or lack there of).

The lake and beach action view from the second floor at 1150 N Lake Shore Drive. The stream of people walking and biking the lake is mesmerizing.
A view of other peoples' rooftop decks from the back of 1150 N Lake Shore Drive.  Although the building sits on busy LSD, the rear unit location is quiet and the view urban.
Dreamy row house view from 59 East Cedar (soon to be leafy treetop view).  This block of East Cedar is "movie set" perfect!

 Would you take the busy beach, the city or the classic row house views?  

All the one bedroom condos were pried under $225,000 and were relatively close in size and finish level (with assessments and prices factored in all came out close in monthly payment).  The exception was the beach view unit at 1150 N Lake Shore Drive that was the largest but needed more extensive renovations.

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