Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PHOTOS! Plan revealed for Half Acre Beer Company in Bowmanville

More photos of the site and renderings below.  Most of us can't wait!!

The large industrial property at 2050 W Balmoral in Bowmanville (old Duray Fluorescent Lighting company at Balmoral and Hoyne) will be the second and larger home of Half Acre Beer Company.

ALL photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty

A meeting was held at Rogers Park Montessori 1800 W Balmoral last night to introduce the Half Acre Beer Company plans to the Bowmanville community.  Many familiar faces came out from tight knit community to discuss the new business with 40th Alderman Patrick O'Connor and Half Acre's Founder Gabriel Magliaro.

Founder Gabriel Magliaro waits to present the "two phase" plan.  The current zoning for "Phase I" allows for a brewing facility, restaurant, and an outdoor beer garden in the courtyard. That will happen.  A second phase would require a zoning change to allow for more retail and restaurant space along with a tavern license. This will have to be approved.

From the Bomanville Community Organization: "The plans include a brewing facility, restaurant, and an outdoor beer garden in the courtyard. All of this is allowed under the current M1/M2 zoning.

Half Acre is pursuing a zoning change to C3 however, to enable them to increase the amount of space used for retail onsite. They will also be pursuing a tavern license. The zoning change request and tavern license request will follow city processes. "

In short, the community was supportiveAt times, overwhelmingly and comically supportive! Most of the concerns were with, 1) truck traffic (which will be light compared to many types of business that can operate there) and 2) increased foot traffic near the residential homes.  Most agreed the people coming to (and involved with) the brewery will make the area much more appealing and safer than the current state: a vacant building across from a sometimes troubled nursing facility.

The interior of the facility would be an "inspiring space" with the original double barrel truss ceiling restored.
The fully completed site would include a larger capacity brewing facility, canning production, a tap room serving food, new home office and an outdoor patio area carved out of the parking lot. The tavern and food serving area would be designed upon approval of the license and zoning change.  Brewing production should be up and running by October.

Outdoor patio located in what's now the interior courtyard/ parking lot.  A good 45-55 parking spaces would remain.

The office staff would be relocated to the new facility.

Site plan

The North Hoyne side of the building will be beautified... yay!

The town home association along Hoyne facing the facility has a lot to gain along with some concerns with the popular brewer moving in.

The parking lot/ courtyard of the building is along West Rascher and faces other industry buildings like Medina Lawn Care. The new facility will use a Rascher address and people will enter/ exit on Rasher away from residential homes.

Loading docs on the 2000 Block of West Balmoral.  There are a handful of residential buildings across from the Balmoral side of the building (below)

A terrific crowd of mostly immediate Bowmanville residents and Bomanville Community Organization members. The neighbors were very cordial, thoughtful and asked some great questions.  Photo Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty

I look forward to calling Half Acre my neighbor! 

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SilvestriWoman said...

After reading of blowback in DNAInfo, I immediately called the ward office in support. This is incredible!