Friday, June 13, 2014

Construction at former Lincoln Square fruit stand?

The former Martinez Produce at 5131 N Western Ave. All photos Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker, Kale Realty
There's been a little action at the bombed out "Red X" building at the corner of North Western and West Winona in Lincoln Square Community Area.  The property straddles the desirable sub-neighborhoods of Ravenswood and Bowmanville. A green windscreen fence was placed around the former Martizez Produce building at 5131 N Western Ave.

Construction permits hang on the fences dated from January this year.  The work calls for "Commercial Office Space Addition per Arch Plans".  Addition?


I've been meaning to call the 40th Ward Alderman's office to see what's in store for the property.  This space was not subject to any community meetings .  It's been vacant for years and I was hoping for a new apartment building.  New apartments are in good demand in the Lincoln Square community area and I like the density for local business.

Single family homes and condos have done very well near this corner of Western and Lawrence.  Median house price is about $600,000 within a couple blocks radius.  However, there are far too many vacant and unattractive commercial spaces near Western and Lawrence.  This commercial area needs some type of anchor and identity to match the success of the residential community.

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