Monday, June 02, 2014

Looking at condos from Andersonville to Rogers Park

A beautiful block on West Pratt adjacent to the lake in East Rodgers Park
I spent sunny Sunday morning showing condos in the northern Uptown area near Andersonville, in Edgewater and in Rogers Park to a fun buyer client.  There are now several quality choices with at least two beds, outdoor space and near lake locations for under $250,000.  Ability to park a car somewhere close and well run condo associations are important considerations.

Our client expected to fall in love with a quintessential vintage walk-up but this incredible loft space may change everything.
We worked our way north starting at 1355 West Argyle near Andersonville. We then headed to Lakewood Balmoral for a gorgeous one bedroom home.  Rogers Park offered options for a larger, budget friendly unit further west of the lake and the most desirable home we saw near the lake... for a price.

Having the beach at the end of the block may prove to be most alluring.
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Anonymous said...

*Rogers Park. No "d".

Eric Rojas said...

Corrected earlier today!