Friday, September 26, 2014

Great morning of lakefront golf (and Nookies!)

East Lakeview vintage buildings frame Sydney Marovitz Golf Course at Recreation Drive and the lake. Free parking now along Recreation Drive until Memorial Day too!
From time to time I step back and try to describe everyday city life for myself and our family in Chicago.  I hope to add more of these vignettes with a little real estate context each week. 

I have no official data but I can't imagine it made easier to golf within another major city.  In about 10 minutes from leaving Lincoln Square early Wednesday morning I was parking at Sidney Morovitz Golf Course on the lakefront. The well maintained course offers both city and lake views.  It's a great way to play before work (or work while playing as I tell my wife).

The iconic clock tower with just after sunrise.
Steve Dunnett, Senior Mortgage Consultant at Blueleaf Lending ( lines up the par three over the swamp.  He hit the green!  Steve gets me up to date on loan programs and issues while tearing up the course.

Our playing partner Brian (a construction project manager) tees off down the home stretch along lakefront running paths. Brian rode his bike over with a light golf bag.
If you get out early, Marovitz is a convenient course for those working or living around downtown, north side or south side.  There is no traffic on Lake Shore Drive coming in before 7:00 am and leaving the course just after 9:00am.  Steve's office is in the West Loop so we headed 5 minutes south on LSD from the course to an old favorite Nookies in Old Town for breakfast.

I really like aspects of the burbs.  But I can't imagine not having easy access to just about anything I need or like by walking, bike, train or quick car ride throughout my regular day. To easily mix in golf, architecture, good food (on every corner) and business in a few hours and be back at my home office in minutes can't be beat! Less time in the car, more time on the streets seeing property too.

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