Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Curious vacant buildings in prime Oak Street, Gold Coast location

It was a little surprising to see these three contiguous vintage buildings still vacant at approximately 108 West Oak to 112 West Oak Street just a couple blocks west of the recent $14 million dollar Starbuck's building sale. The two furthest east properties have Quality Excavation signs posted. The parcels are zoned C2-5 for mixed use commercial and residential. Photo Bob DePalma and Eric Rojas, Brokers, Kale Realty

We just read a story in Crain's Chicago Business this week that the flagship Starbuck's property on 1003 N Rush Street, Chicago IL 60611 at Oak Street in Gold Coast sold for $14 million last month.  Then we walked by these properties (pictured above and below) on West Oak Street and noticed the green Quality Excavation signs on the two furthest two properties to the east. 

"Oak 112" at 112 West Oak Street, Chicago IL 60611 (furthest left) was operating as a bed and breakfast/ guesthouse up until June of 2014 according to their web site.  The 112 West Oak property sold for $1,500,000 according to public records recorded in January 2014 (off the MLS).  Photo Bob DePalma, Eric Rojas, Brokers Kale Realty.
The really cool Chicago Cityscape web site shows vacant building violations at 108 W Oak Street from 2009  and vacant building violations at 110 West Oak Street from 2012. 

There is little information in general about 112 West Oak Street as a business.  Lonely Planet did a short recommendation for the guest house.  However, the property was listed for sale several times on the MLS from about 2011 to 2012 for about $1.7 million.  The property was recorded as sold in January 2014 for $1.5 million to a family trust here in Chicago.

Looks like the end is near for this original Gold Coast row house at 108 W Oak Street.  Development and noteworthy real estate transactions have really ratcheted up in the past 12 months.  The properties from 108 to 112 West Oak are zoned C2-5. Photo Bob DePalma and Eric Rojas, Brokers, Kale Realty
  • Zone: C2-5, Commercial / Mixed-Use
  • Shopping centers. Allows more business types than B1 districts, including liquor stores, warehouses, and auto shops. Apartment allowed above the ground floor. secondcityzoning.org
The 112 West Oak purchase at $1,500,000 looks like a great buy.  The $14 million Starbucks building sale (pictured below) is reported at $3,191 per square foot.  That's some expensive space you're taking up with your lap top.

Starbucks at 1003 N Rush Street in the Gold Coast. Bob DePalma and Eric Rojas, Brokers, Kale Realty
The three contiguous parcels have flexible zoning and are prime for development. What will the venerable Gold Coast get next?

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