Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lake View Township open for property tax appeals now... HURRY, appeals due May 8th!

The Lake View township tax appeal window is now open (look at your property tax bill for your township).  Do your civic duty and appeal your property taxes to help keep my property taxes lower.  Seriously, you have until May 8th, 2015 to file your appeal and May 18th to include all documentation.  

Spring time and TAX APPEAL TIME!
Appealing your taxes can be as easy as using this online form from the Cook County Assessor's office. I just did!  Have some comparable property PIN numbers ready. You can type in neighbor's comparable home addresses on a site like Redfin to get the PIN number and taxes.

You may hire an attorney to appeal your taxes.  I have never taken this route but many neighbors and clients I know have an attorney appeal their property tax assessment each time the window is open.  Ask around for a referral attorney (a friend, neighbor or "moi" will probably have a recommendation). Attorneys are typically paid by a portion for the tax reduction for the first year or by their regular billing hours.

Need help, have questions? Contact 10th District Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer's office  

Two property tax assistance events tomorrow!
The 47th Ward and various public officials are sponsoring tax appeal assistance at their Ward office tomorrow Thursday April 30th from 9am to 1pm and tomorrow evening at Chase Park Thursday April 30th at 6pm. Bring your second installment property tax bill from 2013 (be safe and bring your current and last years bills!).

 Do it!

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