Thursday, May 07, 2015

OMG! Former Hunt Club in Gold Coast now Urban Outfitters

We snapped a photo of  progress at the new retail development at 1100 N State today while on business in the Gold Coast today (Photo Bob DePalma, Kale Realty).

The new construction building developed on the former Hunt Club site (1100 N State Street, Chicago IL 60610) has a ground floor tenant... Urban Outfitters.  Bob and I take our share of jokes for our nostalgia over the infamous Gold Coast bar and club. HOWEVER, the bartenders were awesome and the wide open street level windows made for great people watching in the summer. We'd of course watch a game and get out of there by 10pm.

Would have loved to see this hopping corner remain a restaurant on the ground floor instead of a closed storefront at night. You'll have to go upstairs now.

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