Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lake View high-rise condo sales (50 units or more)

This is how you pull up to the attractive Wilde Bar and Restaurant on North Broadway in Lake View... in a white convertible and fedora!
We'll be listing another Lake View condo this week. This time the home is at 450 W Briar Place a 142 unit high-rise near the lake. Let's take a look at Lake View high-rise building sales (50 unit buildings or more) in 2016 .

342 Lake View high-rise units (50 unit buildings or more) have sold from January 1st to June 16th, 2016.  The median price of a high-rise condo in Lake View is about $237,500 but the maintenance fees at the median price can vary greatly from $230s a month to $700s. 

3150 N Lake Shore Drive is one of my favorite locations in the city overlooking the lakefront parks and steps from Belmont Harbor.

The lowest price high-rise condo sold thus far is a studio apartment at
3600 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 222, Chicago, Illinois 60613 for $91,545.  The assessment for the small unit is still $345.00 a month.

The highest priced sold high-rise condo this year is a nmassive 5 bedroom fully renovated vintage gem at 3400 N Lake Shore Dr Unit 2BC, Chicago, Illinois 60657 for $2,040,000.
Amazingly 343 Lake View high-rise units sold over the same period last year with a median price about $235,000. That's pretty consistent sales for a large sample size.


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