Wednesday, August 03, 2016

New Bowmanville yoga studio adds to the business mix

Ashtanga Yoga Room Chicago is the newest addition to the Damen strip of commercial spaces in Bowmanville.  The growing Lincoln Square North Damen/ West Lawrence scene has certainly helped Damen Avenue further north.
North Damen Avenue north of West Foster in Bowmanville (north Lincoln Square) features a handful of unique small businesses and helpful services.  Examples include an art studio, insurance agent, yoga studio, full service mechanic,  a scooter shop, doggie training center, Thai restaurant, bars, a chocolate cafe and a car wash.

Morpho Gallery also houses Daves Classic and Rare Records
Check out the retail/ office space opportunities for your business along the 5200 block of North Damen and join a successful cluster of privately owned local shops and services.

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