Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Got tools? Nonprofit Chicago Community ToolBank can help get the tools you need for your project

Does your organization need tools for a project? ToolBank can help!
A past client and friend is the Executive Director of Chicago Community ToolBank 

Here's a great video that shows what ToolBanks can do for your organization.

The ToolBank warehouse may have the equipment you need to build a playground, work stations, community gardens and more!
"Chicago Community ToolBank is a new organization that lends out tools to help communities and organizations with projects where tools are necessary but they might not have or have the money to buy."  Check out Alisha's interview on Chicago Community ToolBank here on Comcast Newsmakers

If you have tools to donate, industry expertise or would like to get involved with their board please contact Alisha Wenc Executive Director alisha.wenc@toolbank.org (312) 952-8896  

Do something good this holiday season and support Chicago Community ToolBank!

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