Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Slow news day? Ask Patrick about Chicago property tax exemptions and appeals

You own your attractive (maybe expensive) Chicago home. Now save some money on taxes! (Photo Eric Rojas, Broker in Bowmanville, Lincoln Square Chicago).
Wow, totally nothing going on today.  I figure I'll mention some news you can use! Many of our clients (despite our advice) are losing money each year by failing to apply for exemptions or to appeal their property tax.  Now (after our recent property tax increase) more than ever please reach out to real estate attorney Patrick Loftus of Loftus Law. He will help you understand how to take real estate tax exemptions and how to appeal your assessments.  Seriously, just contact him at   773-632-8330.
A couple years ago I took the time to meet face to face with some County Commissioners and Board of Review folks at the 47th Ward service office in North Center to appeal my tax assessment.

Check out Patrick's blog for some great info!

Bob and I have personally worked with a few real estate attorneys over many years that have been amazing advisers for us and our clients. We maintain the relationships because they possess a great ability to be responsive to clients and calming in both difficult and simple matters. Give attorney Patrick Loftus a call or email concerning buying, selling, current home ownership issues, bankruptcy, buiness filing and more.  

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