Tuesday, March 28, 2017

60 new residential units proposed near Andersonville main strip

4906 N Clark Google Maps image
Curbed Chicago has a good rundown of a new 60 unit apartment development proposed for 4906-4918 N. Clark Street in Uptown (de facto Andersonville).  The project will further consolidate the West Lawrence Avenue to West Foster Avenue stretch of North Clark Street that has been building up with Andersonville/ Ravenswood spill-over for the past ten years.

Several vacant lots and low one story commercial have gone the way of the Dodo Bird as new residential units are met by the huge demand in the greater Lawrence/Clark/Foster areas of Lincoln Square and Uptown Community Areas.   Development is booming on West Lawrence Ave nearby where residents enjoy both Lincoln Square and Andersonville amenities, shopping, bars and restaurants.

Personally I'm pleased with all the residential units, both rental and condo. I want people to live and work here. I'm not oblivious to the price of renting and owning in the neighborhood. The elimination of older, cheaper housing affects the affordability and limits economic and social diversity. It is a challenge every big city faces. I still believe building upward (adding units) on commercial strips like this particular location is great for our area.

Drawings and development image at 47th Ward website

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