Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Home selling tips: Empty house, happy closing!

Our clients had a stressful interstate move with their kids and pets.  We (creatively) took care of clearing some items out of the property after they had to hit the road. Here we brought in a metal scrapper to take out a heavy grill and table and hired a cleaning crew prior to the new buyer walk-through.
Typically a house you sell must be completely empty and "broom swept clean" for the new buyers at closing time. It is prudent in contract negotiations to cover issues such as attached shelving, holes from hung art, outdoor furniture and plant potters just a name a few items.

Selling and moving is stressful no matter what (this is an understatement!). My wife and I had one of our VERY few blown out "discussions" over a microwave and ceiling fans when we sold our last home.  Add any other considerations (job change, kids, pets, interstate move, divorce, empty nest etc...) and emotions can run through the roof. There is never enough time to handle all the details. Bob and I try to make selling easier and help in any situation.

We often source and meet contractors, help remove left-over items from homes, hire cleaners, meet movers and do "wellness checks" for temporarily vacant homes. Whatever it takes!

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