Monday, July 31, 2017

Oak Park single family home sales 2017 (median price up 18% from 2012)

Grand properties in Oak Park. We were involved in multiple offer situations on several Oak Park homes this season. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
Many of our Chicago clients move to Oak Park to purchase their first single family house. They simply find the combination of price-point for a livable house and school district more desirable than Chicago. Oak Park offers a substantial downtown with dining and entertainment options akin to Chicago lifestyles. The Park District is rather robust as well.

Quick look at Oak Park's downtown

Let's take a look at over-all sales.  I sometimes dial down to school districts, condos etc... give me a shout if you are looking in a particular area and price point.

One of several retail/ restaurant centers around Oak Park
 Oak Park single family home sales January 1st to July 22nd, 2017
279 single family homes closed from January 1st to to July 22nd. The median price of a sold house is about $455,000.  The lowest sale for a house is $115,000.  The highest sale is $1,240,000.

321 houses sold over the same period in 2016 with a median price of $435,000.

Going back to the "turn" (when the market started climbing up from the crash) only 203 houses sold over the same period with a median price of about $385,000.  Median price in 2017 is up 18% from 2012.

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