Thursday, February 15, 2018

Diversey Parkway closings, Yak-Zies closed... everything closed!

This is a great area to live but large construction projects are going to be the norm as the East Lincoln Park location redevelops. All photos Eric Rojas, Kale Realty
We were working down in East Lincoln Park yesterday and took a peek at some construction projects. The 508 W Diversey construction is causing requisite chaos along the ever changing landscape of West Diversey Parkway east of Clark Street in Lincoln Park / Lakeview.  The large structure also blocks the view of the attractive greystone building to it's immediate east. That greystone of course was home of the recently closed Yak-Zies bar. I don't know if the new construction projects influenced the closing of the long time tavern.

Building up Chicago has some real cool pics of the crane rig at the 508 W Diversey construction site. 

The Hampdens condo project across the street (the cleared site shown above) is boasting 60% pre-sold on their advertising billboards.

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