Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sad! Heartland Cafe, Red Line Tap property in Rogers Park for sale

I stopped by the Heartland Cafe at 7000 N Glenwood in Rogers Park yesterday for a few photos and review of the surrounding area. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty.
There have been several high profile reports that Rogers Park institution Heartland Cafe has recently been listed for sale. I rode my bike up to Rogers Park for showings and swung by the property for some photos. Over the years I've both stopped in for coffee and taken clients here for lunch when buying or selling in the area.  Been awhile so I enjoyed the visit.

The recent owner since 2012 has enlisted a commercial broker who posted... wait for it... a Craigslist ad with "price negotiable".  Oy. It is definitely quirky this desirable lot and location is listed with a Craigslist ad with no price.  It is also posted at LoopNet with brochure HERE... but I digress.

The popular and huge outdoor seating area at West Lunt and North Glenwood.
The advertisement suggests you may buy the building with existing businesses and "own a piece of history" OR redevelop into 33 units in a transit orientated development... hmmmm. Yeah, it will be 33 units.

The property stretches back a good half block.

Mostly true. I can think of a few I would not welcome...

This wonderful "green" friendly community may lose a way of life in Rogers Park.
The property is located directly across from the CTA Morse Red Line station. The immediate area enjoys a handful of local businesses and just around the corner is the major development 1323 West Morse. The advertisement points out "The arrival of Target, launch of a 50-unit Pritzker-backed development at 1323 W. Morse Avenue, and opening of the Sheridan Road Hampton Inn are just a few of the new developments defining the neighborhood". 

CTA Morse Red Line station across the street.

I took a good look at 1323 West Morse. Construction updates from the Alderman's office located here
My suggestion is visit Heartland Cafe and Red Line Tap before they are gone. 90%
this lot will get maxed out to it's development potential. 50% chance at best the Heartland will be brought back in the new retail space.

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