Friday, September 14, 2018

Turtles in the North Pond Nature Sanctuary

Can you spot all the turtles in this photo? (No turtles were hurt in the taking of this picture but my feet did get wet).
My favorite benefit of living in buildings like historic The Marlborough or tony Lincoln Park 2550 in Lincoln Park is nature outside your door.  I never tire of the North Pond Nature Sanctuary wildlife and views.  Bob lives across the street and we spend a lot of time with clients in the area. We frequent Lurie Children's Hospital Outpatient Center down the block (for our kids' visits and my wife is a nursing director at Lurie).  The occasions allow us to take the kids to the North Pond Nature Sanctuary often.

I would camp out here too!
And when you've had enough of the North Pond ecosystem... go to North Pond to eat.

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