Friday, October 26, 2018

Horner Park single family home median price UP 69% from 2014 (condos up 37% too)

A new condo development across the street from Horner Park nears completion.  
Single family home sales January 1st to October 19th

Full renovations and new construction homes have fueled rising median price.
The Horner Park neighborhood in the Irving Park Community Area (Montrose to Irving, California to Kedzie) has seen a price boom from just four years ago. Price is driven mostly by old frame homes replaced by large new construction and full gut renovation homes. Bateman School district, amenity filled Horner Park, Irving and Montrose businesses, access to highways, various North Side high schools and quiet residential streets have made this an attractive destination for long term buyers.
Horner Park is a large popular park with lots of amenities resting just west of the North Branch of the Chicago River.
Sixteen single family homes have sold in the Horner Park neighborhood from January 1st this year to October 19th.  That is super consistent for this relatively small area over the past four years.  The median price for a Horner Park neighborhood house is about $650,000.  The highest priced sale is 4047 North Albany Avenue, Chicago IL 60618 for $1,035,000.  The new construction home is built on a 37' wide lot.  The lowest home sale price is 4335 North Albany for $245,000.  You know the fate of this original frame house!

In 2016, eighteen homes sold for a median price of $660,000 over the same period.
2014, fifteen single family homes sold with a median price of only $390,000!
Condos across from the park along Montrose Avenue.
Condo sales January 1st to October 19th

Seventy-six attached condo units have sold (including town homes) for a median price of $240,000.  The highest sold condo price is at 4335 North Mozart Unit 4 for $433,000. The three bedrooms, two baths top floor unit was built in 1999 and is listed at 2000 sq/ft.  The lowest priced condo sale is 4345 North Sacramento Unit A-1 for $110,000. The first floor 2006 renovated unit was sold as a short sale.

In 2016, eighty-five condos sold over the same period with a median price of $200,000. 
Back in 2014, only fifty-one condo units sold with a median price of about $175,000.  

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