Friday, October 12, 2018

Working with landlords... rookies and pros!

A new kitchen was installed at this North Center two bedroom, two bath rental. Our landlord associate offers really affordable rents for the area. 

Freshly renovated vintage apartments in North Center.  We often refer tenants to this great landlord and contractor. He refers his home owner clients to us when they need to sell. We're there for you too!

A professional landlord, client and friend of ours asked us to take a look at some of his renovated rental units.
  We had lunch in North Center and then took a look at finished units.  We also checked another building to consult on window and other exterior renovations.  We often act as advisers and sounding boards for our many clients. In this case we even snapped photos for the rental advertisements while there.

In this case our landlord associate wanted to get a pulse of market rate rents and improvements.  Even though he's a 30 year pro owning, renting and renovating real estate he still wants to hear from his trusted guys! We often work with his tenants and home renovation clients... finding their first homes or selling their newly renovated properties. 

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