Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rod your sewer or face the back-up!

Home maintenance is boring and we cringe at some of the costs; furnace/ boiler maintenance, gutter cleaning, caulking windows, roof flashing, painting to name a few. In my fifteen years experience working with property owners sewer rodding is at the top of the list for neglected maintenance! I stopped by my neighbor's Lincoln Square house who has learned the hard way.

Just prior to the near record cold temps they experienced sewer back-up in the basement.  The sewer line was clogged and now further exasperated by freezing pipes holding up the repairs! They've been out of the house for several days. Oy! 

I was out this morning in negative seventeen degree weather  (I won't even talk about the wind chills) to check on a few properties. We warned many of our client's to take precautions prior to the record cold temps heading into Chicago.  Additionally, some of our properties are in different stages of completion with most projects just plain stopping for a few days. 

Much of the city is on lock down for the next two days. Stay safe!

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