Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Norwood Park single family home sales in 2018 (median price $325,000)

Lots of vintage eye candy homes in the Old Norwood Park Historical District of Norwood Park Chicago. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty 
I've been in Norwood Park looking at homes for a client.  The area remains a popular choice for those looking for a city/ suburban experience near Metra, highways and amenities. The public and private schools are well rated and the single family housing stock is diverse throughout the community.

A farm house on a huge lot in Old Norwood Park.  It is hard to imagine this is located in the city near some busy main commercial streets! 
Norwood Park sales 2018
388 Norwood Park single family homes closed over 2018 with an attractive median price of $325,000. The median price point gets you a relatively updated three bedrooms brick raised ranch house. The highest priced closed home in 2018 was 5912 North Nickerson sold for $777,000. The large Old Norwood Park home located in the "circle" is updated with six beds, four and one-half baths on a 50'x200' lot.

The lowest priced sold house was 5043 N Normandy Avenue Chicago, IL 60656 for $165,000. The house has been torn down to build a new house.

Past Sales
In 2015, 406 single family houses closed in Norwood Park with a median price of only $285,000. Back in 2012 when the real estate market was crawling out of recession 336 single family homes closed with a median price of $230,000. 83 of those sales in 2012 were a short sales or foreclosures! About 12 homes were recorded as sold short sale or foreclosure in 2018.

Brick and frame custom homes alternate throughout the circle streets of Old Norwood Park.
Interestingly the church property and separate house at 5917 North Nina in the "circle" is under contract at the moment. The asking price is about $1.79 million.
For Sale
Currently there are a good number of homes for sale in Norwood Park.  Seventy-three single family homes are listed for sale on the MLS with a median asking price of about $375,000. Twenty-seven homes are currently under contract with a median asking price of $345,000. Sellers look to be a listed a little high at the moment. We love finding great home values in the northwest of the city and near suburbs. Contact us today!

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