Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Quick note on Lincoln Square single family home sales this year

Single family homes converted from two-flats remain arguably the most attractive and desirable housing stock around Lincoln Square. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty (get out and take your own photos)
It's high season to shop Lincoln Square single family homes.  The trend lately has been slow fall seasons followed by super-hyper spring markets starting earlier every year (January). Several homes I have viewed or presented to clients this spring had been listed "pre-MLS" (pocket listing) or in the MLS Private Network. It takes research and digging every day to get the jump on these "pre-market" homes.
I sent this Lincoln Square entry level home out to my network three days before it hit market.
For example 4838 N Oakley asking $1,138,000 was listed on a private network for Top Producing Agents that I belong to. I was able to send it to my clients to consider pre-open market. Prior to going on the the MLS for the public to see an open house was held and a contract accepted prior to being listed on the open market.  I sent another "off-market" gorgeous single family home in Waters School district to my clients. It was sold before going to open market.

23 single family homes are currently under contract in all of Lincoln Square. The median asking price of those homes is about $600,000.

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