Thursday, January 30, 2020

Looking for Edgewater single family homes (and a peek at sales)

Homes along West Edgewater Avenue last weekend. Several homes are listed for sale on the block.

I was out last weekend with our buyers looking at newer construction homes in southwestern Edgewater. We're creeping through a slow January for home new listings. I tell my motivated clients to hang in there! However a couple of the open houses we went to had tons of foot traffic despite being on the market for awhile.  I've also shown my clients Pre-MLS listings and private listings that will go on the MLS (or not) next month.

Let's take a quick look at Edgewater home sales.

2019 Edgewater single family home sales 

The Edgewater Community Area recorded 64 single family home sales over 2019.  The median price of a home sale was about $700K. The highest sale was an amazing custom renovation at 1341 W Balmoral for $2,155,000.  The least expensive home sold was 6069 N Ridge for $246,000. The small three beds, one bath home on a busy traffic stretch has a long 138' lot.

Five homes closed in the month of January of 2019.  With one more day in January 2020 (a Friday), four homes have closed. Ten homes are currently under contract and I estimate maybe two will close by tomorrow before the end of the month.

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