Thursday, January 16, 2020

Uptown's Truc Lam Buddhist Temple demolition, new early education school coming

The Truc Lam building at the corner of West Wilson and North Ashland in Uptown. Photo taken early in 2019. The property was listed for sale in 2017. All Photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty

The fences and backhoe early this month signaled the Truc Lam building demolition in Uptown is imminent.  
The Truc Lam Buddhist Temple property in Uptown sold last year after listing in 2017. I scanned public records for the purchase price but it has not yet been recorded.  The demo permit was issued on January 9th and the back hoe showed up some time around then. A company called Viking Development purchased the property and will develop a two story building. The Gardner School will be the long term tenant.

Check out my post on the property and some photos from early last year.

Block Club Chicago has some background their November 2019 story.  

The corner of Wilson and Ashland will see a little more action once the school building is completed.

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