Sunday, April 19, 2020

Landmark Lincoln Park vintage 3-flat sells $1,930,000, now converting to single family home

A Jameson/ Sotheby's sign posted at 2130 N Cleveland suggests a single family home is "Coming Soon" to the market.
This gorgeous Lincoln Park three-flat in the Mid-North Landmark District sold last year for $1,930,000.  A "Coming Soon" sign tells us 2130 N Cleveland will be converted to a single family home. A permit was issued in February for "interior demo only". It's a good thing the structure and facade are being conserved. Proposed renovations and new construction in Landmark Districts face greater scrutiny.  Personally I'd rather see it stay as a three-flat but thus is life in Lincoln Park.

What a beauty!
To many folks the architecture of  vintage multi-unit  buildings defines Lincoln Park as a special neighborhood in Chicago and the country.  Multi-unit buildings are a cherished way of life that help make city life vibrant. Loads of small multi-unit buildings have been demolished or converted to single family homes in Lincoln Park.  Many large residential apartment buildings have been built around the neighborhood in the last ten years replacing density. Losing so many these originals is still a shame. 

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